Formerly the WVLTCP, we are now WVPEL, Inc.
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For more information about membership possibilities with WVPEL, please read on. If you have already decided to join, click HERE to be taken directly to the membership form.

At the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, we have learned that we are conveners. To fulfill our mission "to foster opportunities for West Virginians to live and age with dignity and purpose," we are bringing together organizations, professionals, and other interested individuals in order to find the best and brightest minds, knowing that the brightest minds, focused on elder issues and working together, can best address the task of finding new ways forward. Because of this, WVPEL has become a credible resource for policy makers, serving as a strong voice for aging issues statewide.

Our members have the opportunity to be a part of this voice, providing their input on matters that impact aging in our state and beyond.

Membership Levels

The By-Laws of the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc. define the composition of our membership as follows:

Individual Member - ($35 annually)

An individual member is a person in good standing regarding the payment of their annual membership dues who supports the mission, purpose, values, and goals of the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc.

Organizational Member - ($125 annually)

Organizational members are organizations which are in good standing regarding payment of annual membership dues and which support the mission, purpose, values, and goals of the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc. Each Organizational Membership allows for one representative from the organization to serve as their official designee. Our organizational members are often invited to partner with WVPEL on special projects and events. Additionally, WVPEL provides a link to your organization on our partners/sponsors webpage.

All members and designated representatives of organizations have the right to be present during WVPEL, Inc. meetings, and to vote at all meetings. They can participate on WVPEL committees, chair committees, serve on the WVPEL Board of Directors, and even hold office.

Our members are offered a “first look” at WVPEL reports and data. We solicit their input when defining the issues and topics that WVPEL, Inc. will be taking on in the future. Members will also receive quarterly updates, in the form of a special member newsletter, on the progress WVPEL has made toward achieving our goals in that quarter.

All members have the right to attend the WVPEL Annual Membership meeting, either in person or electronically and will receive a discounted registration fee for future WVPEL Partner Summits.

Additional Organizational Member Benefits

How Would You Like to Be a Member of Our Board of Directors?

If you are a current WVPEL member, in good standing, with an interest in helping to "foster and maximize opportunities for West Virginians to live, age, and contribute with dignity and purpose," you might consider submitting a letter of interest in becoming a member of our Board of Directors. To submit a letter of interest, please click here.

To become a WVPEL member, please complete the Membership Application below.

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The WVPEL Facebook page is a place where the public can communicate their ideas and concerns to WVPEL and our partners and supporters. It's where you will find up-to-date news on topics of interest to elders and caregivers, as well as commentaries from WVPEL staff and our partners. You will also find information about upcoming events such as the 2017 West Virginia Housing Conference, and the sessions there provided by WVPEL, as well as information about other partners' events and posts. Don't miss out! Remember to "Like" our page to see all our posts.

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